Jews for Lebanon is an initiative that recognizes the Jewish people's long tradition of promoting human rights around the world by creating a platform for helping in the reconstruction of the badly damaged Lebanese country as a result of the recent Israel Lebanon armed conflict. Jews for Lebanon is a place where Jewish citizens of different countries may express not only their concerns about the unprovoked Hezbollah's attack of Israel and the subsequent loss of lives and property damage in Northern Israel, but also their concern about the significant injury to Lebanon's infrastructure and Lebanese civilian deaths that resulted from Israel's response to these attacks.

Jews for Lebanon was founded by tech entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky founder of Viatel, Jazztel, and FON and whose Safe Democracy Foundation deals with conflict resolution issues.

Jews for Lebanon believes that Hezbollah, the Iranian and Syrian backed militia, is a serious threat to Middle East peace and should be disarmed following UN Resolution 1701. Jews for Lebanon, however, also believes that the majority of the Lebanese people are peace loving and not Hezbollah members and that a strong, independent and democratic Lebanon is better for all countries in the Middle East.

If you are a like minded Jewish citizen and wish to help our cause by giving aid to rebuild Lebanon, please click on any of these links to make donations for the rebuilding of Lebanon and Northern Israel:

We would love to hear back from you. Have you made donations? To which funds? For how much? Please send us your feedback. Let's show the world how important peace and humanity are to the Jewish People.